Cub/Webelos Scout Day Camp Administration

3 day course, begins 9:00 AM Friday-ends 11:00 AM Sunday
Administration Group


A three-day course for on-site day-camp directors, on-site day-camp program directors, and council day-camp advisers/administrators. Comprehensive training on all aspects of the day camp operation, including methods of day camping, program scheduling and resources, staff organization, recruiting and training, and health and safety protection. Prerequisite: participants must have completed Cub Scout Leader Training (any leader specific section), either in the classroom or on line at the following link: A copy of the certificate of training is required.

There will no longer be a section specifically for Cub Resident Camp Program Director. Persons serving in that capacity will need to attend the Resident Camp Administration section.

Upcoming Courses

November 2017
Nov 3 - 5 Sea Scout Base Galveston Galveston, TX